Living Elements Landscape LLC brings together more than plants. Successful and healthy gardens depend on all elements; plants, insects, animals, water, rocks, minerals, and air. It also includes soil improvement, correct pruning of trees and shrubs, and sustainable design. Combining living elements creates a healthy garden.

Living Elements Landscape LLC supports and promotes sustainable practices to encourage healthy garden environments.

How we are a different landscape company:

  • We are not a mow and blow company.  We really care about your gardens, and what YOU want.
  • We like to interact with our clients, and want your input.
  • We use battery powered equipment.
  • We garden organically:  the plants are tended to and cared for.
  • Our billing system is easy.  You are billed for the hours worked or on a bid basis.

Arboriculture: fine pruning services for trees, and shrubs

Sustainable Design:

  • Rain gardens
  • Pet friendly gardens
  • Consultation and garden coach

Living Walls and Green Roofs

Organic Gardening:  weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly

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